Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 11

Since Friday was not an extremely productive day I decided to combine Day 10 post with today. Day 10 consisted of writing a little more of my paper. I did not go to the Sheriff''s Office Friday because both Beth and Ashley had training. Today I have almost finished the results and discussion section of my paper, but of course it needs plenty of tweaking. I also had a meeting with Dr. Pittman about the outline I prepared for both my papers. Since there is an actual research section to my interim, I will be writing a scientific research paper along with an 'experience' paper. I have started the abstract, but it is so difficult to condense an entire 2 weeks of research into one paragraph. I have also given a little thought into what I would like to discuss for the presentation, but am a little nervous about that. Hopefully Forensic Chemistry will be interesting to the college community.

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