Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 4

Today was a long and successful day. I finished all of the samples for Trial 1. I also began and finished all the samples for Trial 2. ( Trial 1: Caffeine and Guafinesin & Trial 2: Lidocaine base and Lidocaine HCl) This means I have about 16 IR readings, not including the 'blanks' that I ran in between each sample to make sure that there was no contamination. The results that were expected still seem to be found also with Lidocaine. Tomorrow I will hopefully finish the third Trial and start making the mixtures for the fourth Trial. (Trial 3: Benzocaine and Lidocaine & Cocaine and Crack) Everything is coming along smoothly and it seems as if I will have plenty of time to finish my research at the Sheriff's Office.

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