Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 7

Today I had to analyze all of the results from the IR scans. I had to 'pick peaks' that were important and then note their absorbency. This was somewhat hard because I had to 'pick peaks' that were important but were not moved or combined with any other peak. I started by picking peak of the 100% mixtures, such as 100% Caffeine and 100% Guafinesin. I placed both peaks on one page and picked the peaks that were recognizable and peaked at a place in which the other did not. For instance I would pick a peak for Caffeine that was prominent and at the same place Guafinesin did not have a peak. Today was basically a day of compiling data. I also made a mixture of Cocaine and Benzocaine today. This was Trial 7. Today was less 'hands-on' and I think I am seeing the complicated and difficult part of conducting research.

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