Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 9

Today was a bit crazy. I came in a little late because Ashley is also teaching a class at Spartanburg Methodist College. I arrived and was under the supervision of Beth. She gave me advise about how to write the experimental part of a research paper. Today I wrote the experimental part of my paper and then wrote it again about 3 times. I have not had to write a formal research paper before so it was tough for me to be as detailed as I needed to be. This process was interrupted because Ashley was called out for a bomb squad emergency and I just took an early lunch. When I arrived back from lunch I was again supervised by Beth. I have completed the experimental portion of my research paper although it still needs to be reviewed. Tomorrow I hope to complete another section of my research paper. I was also informed by Beth that next week I may be able to attend a court case with her to see another aspect of the job. That sounds extremely exciting!

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