Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 5

When I started to run the third trial I realized that it was damp. This did not seem right since all the other samples that I ran on the IR machine were powder. Finally we found that when Lidocaine base and Benzocaine base were combined it reduced the melting around room temperature. I attempted to remix them and immediately place them on the IR machine, so they would not have time to melt. I discovered that upon mixing them they immediately started to melt. I only ran a couple of these samples. Instead it was suggested that I make another trial using Lidocaine HCl and Benzocaine. The samples of these mixtures did not melt when combined together and the readings for them came out wonderful. This means that I have run 4 Trials and have another two to finish. My 5th Trial is going to be Cocaine base and Cocaine HCl ( Cocaine and Crack). With the supervision of Lt. Ashley Harris I found the readings for 100% Cocaine base and 100% Cocaine HCl. Today started out confusing, but a lot was accomplished. This weekend I hope to start labeling the peaks and determining which peaks on the IR readings will be important to concentrate on and note for my research.

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